SunRay HL400SN Tiburon Traditional Sauna - Zen Saunas
SunRay HL400SN Tiburon Traditional Sauna - Zen Saunas
SunRay HL400SN Tiburon Traditional Sauna - Zen Saunas
SunRay HL400SN Tiburon Traditional Sauna - Zen Saunas
SunRay Tiburon Traditional 4-Person Sauna HL400SN - Zen Saunas
SunRay Tiburon Traditional 4-Person Sauna HL400SN - Zen Saunas

SunRay Tiburon Traditional 4-Person Sauna HL-400SN - IN STOCK

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The woodwork and aesthetics of the SunRay Tiburon sauna are magnificent. It's simple but elegant design includes thick, durable Canadian Hemlock wood, which is known for its density and resistance. Inside this spacious beautiful 4-person sauna, there is ample seating room with cozy, ergonomic support. The stove operates neatly in an enclosure to the side, and an easy to read thermometer is above it plus a thermo-hygrometer to measure humidity.  A wooden bowl, spoon, and authentic hot lava rocks are included, allowing you readily available control over the steam. Relax and enjoy this fabulous sauna experience in our most popular model sure to leave you with a most zen-like feeling.

Dimensions: 69"Wide x 63"Deep x 79"High  - Wide bench seating and more leg room than comparable models

Harvia 6.0 kW Heater - Gets the sauna to your desired temperature in just minutes! Maximum temperature for this sauna is 175 F.

Canadian Hemlock wood - Smooth and naturally appealing yet incredibly durable.

Tongue and Groove Construction - Easy to assemble and operate!

7 Year Structural Warranty - Heater and wood are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a full 7 years. 

Requires 30 amp 220V dedicated power outlet.

SunRay FAQ:

How is the sauna packaged?

SunRay Saunas arrive on a wooden pallet in large cardboard boxes that contain the wooden walls to ensure the sauna arrives without damage. The cardboard boxes can be removed from the pallet and will fit through any door size 24” or greater.

Does the sauna come pre-assembled?

SunRay saunas are not pre-assembled. They arrive divided by the panels which are secured together. You can walk the walls/floors to any location for assembly.

How long does it take to assemble the sauna?

Most sauna models take around 1-3 hours to assemble. Two people are required for highest efficiency. For more information, please see the assembly instructions.

Are there any special tools required to assemble the sauna?

No. Only tool required to assemble the sauna is a phillips head screwdriver or drill with a phillips head bit to secure the panels together.

 What voltage does the unit run on?

All infrared SunRay saunas use UL listed plugs and operate on 110V. Larger saunas may require a non-standard 220 Volt 20 amp plug and require a 20 amp circuit and some require 30 amp.(Please inquire or check description)

Can the sauna be used on the second floor?

Most saunas weigh between 300-400lbs, so typically you can place a sauna on the second floor.

Can I use the sauna outdoors?

All SunRay saunas except the outdoor models must be used indoors. They are not typically suitable for outdoor use. (At your discretion only under cover and  out of weather elements)

How do I clean the sauna?

First, unplug the sauna and make sure it has completely cooled down before cleaning. To clean the wooden interior of your sauna mix 3 teaspoons of baking soda into a gallon of warm water. Use a towel to wipe down the interior with the baking soda and water mixture. Then wipe the sauna down with a wet towel and let dry. The glass in your sauna can be cleaned with common window or  glass cleaner. If you have an outdoor sauna, use a standard garden hose on a low/mist setting to wash out the interior. Make sure you then leave the door open so that the sauna can dry of after a good scrub.

How often do I need to clean the sauna?

The sauna should be cleaned every 3-6 months or at your discretion if you are using it on a regular basis. Using a towel to sit on while in the sauna will capture a lot of the sweat and can reduce the how often the sauna will need to be cleaned.

How soon will my sauna be shipped after purchase?

In Stock Orders placed before noon on any weekday will typically ship on the next day. Orders placed after 12pm on any weekday will be shipped in the next two days. Online orders placed on the weekend will be shipped on Monday.  

How long does the model take to heat up?

The model takes 20-35 minutes to heat up.

How is long is the warranty on the Sauna?

All Sunray Saunas have a 7 year structural warranty.

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Zen Saunas has been very helpful with everything and we appreciate it. The Sunray Tiburon traditional sauna has been better than expected and well worth the money we paid. It heats up to 180 F and we've noticed the workmanship and quality of wood in the sauna. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Zen Saunas or Sunray Saunas. I don't usually do reviews.